Presentation of the training course for the figure of the International / European Social Sport Coach

Being European means sharing the same principles and values ​​and enjoying, as citizens of the European Union, the same fundamental rights enshrined in the Charter of Nice, signed by the member countries on 7 December 2000.

These rights are based on indivisible and universal values: human dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity, citizenship and justice.

European Union is based on principles of democracy and the rule of law. All member countries of the European Union have signed the Charter of Nice and any country requesting entry into the Union is obliged to fully implement it.

Treaty of Lisbon affirms many important functions: data protection, bioethics and good administration, it mentions the social rights applicable within the enterprise, and the right to act in subsidiarity, in the countries of the Union, which have situations of lack and / or absence of norms already sanctioned in the Treaties of the Union.

U.P.K.L. aisbl, international institution under Belgian law, recognized with Royal Decree of the Ministry of Justice n. WL22 / 16.394 of 15 January 2104


The opening of the Training Course to obtain the European Social Sport Coach (Educator) qualification certified by the IICQ quality system is organized in the Country UE and U.K.

Training courses authorized by U.P.K.L. are complies with the Quality Framework signed with UESpT. This  document shared in the  work of XG HEPA Commission. 

Courses are compliance with the HEPA recommendation and aligned with the objectives of the WHO guidelines "More active for people to healthier world"

Courses allows to obtain the Quality Certification I.I.C.Q. attesting the competences of European Social Sport Coach or International European Social Sport Coach

Certificate will be given to the Instructors at the end of the training course planned by UPKL


The course aims to develop the educational and social skills of the sports instructor in order to strengthen its Educator prerogatives.

Certifies the technical skills of the instructor in accordance with the technical prgrammes established by the reference sports federations.

Certifies the educational skill


edited by UPKL

Share and expenses for participants

The participation fee to register for each lesson is € 740.00

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Agenzia di Bruxelles

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Beneficiario: Union of Professionals Ki Life aisbl (U.P.K.L. aisbl)

IBAN BE62 64300 7797261 - BIC BMPBBEBB

ask info of course at Secrétaire Général U.P.K.L.

Lesson to develop education skill to teach Human Rights through sport

Introduction at elements of structure of thought


Lesson to develop educational and sporting skills focus on decision making  in motion program


Focus on behaviour and plan communication


Introduction to develop educational program