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U.P.K.L. is an international association based in Brussels, Observer Member in XG HEPA Commission and promotes the figure of the International / European Social Sport Coach in compliance with the promotion of Human Rights through Sport and the specialist professionals figure in arts, crafts, professions and physical activity.

UPKL supports, encourages and coordinates projects that allow the dissemination and enhancement of Human Rights through the arts, crafts, professions, physical activity and sports disciplines intended as tools to achieve the goals of social cognitivism in the educational and training pathway of young European citizens. This vision favouring and encourages the busines develop of the professionists with benefit all people living in the community

In concrete terms, U.P.K.L promotes and realizes educational courses aimed at developing and enhancing the neuro-cognitive and social functions together with learning basic and specific discipline.
The action of U.P.K.L. is achieved thanks to the recognition of the legal status of AISBL (International Non-Profit Association) issued by the Belgian Ministry of Justice WL22 / 16394 of 15 January 2014.

The scenery In 2015 U.P.K.L. as an Observer Member in the works of the XG Commission HEPA successfully proposes to include, in the homologous Recommendation to Article 6, the teaching of Human Rights through physical-motor activity and sports disciplines as a cornerstone for the education of young people .

Find is able to offer many answers to different target users (consumers, students, teachers, professionals) of the arts and crafts and professions and sports and martial arts. The platform offers services for 1) Courses and Masters for sports coach Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 European social sports coach 2) Professional Master to Eudynamics specialists (new holistic profession) Real estate agent who wishes to be recognized as an expert evaluator according to UNI 11558: 2014 3) Fun and free time The first and largest gym in Europe is frequently possible. Guaranteed access for up to 1,000 concurrent users

4) The School of the future The welfare through sharing experiences. Stop dropping out of school. Stop leaving sports, literature, music, visual arts and theater. We help you find pleasure in learning Stop dropping out of school Stop leaving sports, literature, music, visual arts and theater. We help you find pleasure in learning

The EUROPEAN SOCIAL SPORT COACH program accredited in Cyprus in the FINAL REPORT of the European Commission XG HEPA of 12 April 2016.

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